Want to hear me sing???

I joined a Karaoke site and am having a blast making a fool out of myself. Below you can hear me sing a few songs. Hope you have as much fun listening as I did recording.

Hugs, Ruth Ann

To Listen, just click on the "Music" arrow.
Please make sure you click on the stop square
before you open another one to listen to, if you don't,
you will get then all playing at once

Pink Shoe Laces (A Dodie Stevens Song)             Till The End (A Vern Gosdin Song)

Somebody's Knockin' (A Terri Gibbs Song)        Losing You (A Brenda Lee song)     

Out Of Your Shoes (A Lorrie Morgan Song) Ghost In This House(A Shenandoah song)     


Just in case these imbeded players don't work or you want to hear more, you can go listen to all my recordings here:

My Sing Snap Recordings




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