I wish to Welcome you to my web creations.

  I hope you find something here that will tickle your fancy and that you can make use of. 

All of my creations are just that, MY CREATIONS. 

I have tried to include things that will have an interest for varied tastes.

  Each of them is Linkware, so please, if you use any,  remember where they came from and place a link back to me at


It will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ruth


Index of My Web Creations



I have tried to create something for everyone, hope you find one you like.

   Page 1   

I have finally gotten around to making some new page sets.
These are VERY different than the first ones I ever did.


Page 2

These are my old original page sets, but I am leaving them on the site
because they may still be useful to someone. I hope you see an
improvement between these and my new ones.

 My Tag Extras

Something for all you "Taggers" or those of you that like to 
collect them to use in your email or web site. 
Be prepared to spend some time here cause I have LOTS of them. Enjoy!

Tag Extras Index


I will be adding to this as time permits, have a little patience, please?

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Red Drapes        Red & Black


These are some of my first attempts at animation and may seem primitive to some of you, but still useful if you like snow globes.  Hope there is still something here that appeals to you, I also hope you can overlook the page layout, remember these pages are from "way back when".

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5 


My Cartoon Dolls 


Page 1  Assorted

Birthday Angels

Page 2  Assorted

Birthday Plates

           Page 3  Pictures n Plaques

Ruth's Angels

Page 4   Couples

Fairies Of The Month

Page 5      Guys

More Plates  

 Page 6   Reserved

 Angel Bears Of The Month 



Fun With Tubes


 ~ Tubed By Ruth ~

~ includes zipped tube files~ 

~Painting With Tubes~


Picture One ~ Two Unicorns         
  Little Country Angels Picture Two ~ Fairy Garden          


Picture Three ~ Elks in moonlight  

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