Painting With PSP Tubes

Picture Three

Elks In The Moonlight

This is a variation of the background I used in Picture One. You can see the changes I

made to it if you scroll down this page. First I added different mountains, I then covered

 the water with the grass tube, after which I added the trees, rocks and other foliage. 

I added the Elk last. You will need to familiarize yourself with the Color tools in PSP. 

Try them all out to see what they do. Click on colors .. then choose any of the options

 and play around with them. The one I use most is Adjust then Hue/Saturation/lightness.

In fact I used it exclusively while painting this picture. 

You will notice that the tubes usually don't match colors with

each other very well, so by changing the hue or the saturation or the brightness

you can make them look as if they really belong with each other. I usually use each

tube on its own layer. This allows me to move it around or change color or its size without

changing what is on the other layers. I love to change size with the deformation tool, try it,

play around with it and see how you like it.


The original background Background after changing colors using the color tools. This is darker than in picture 1 as it is suppose to be night. Background after adding the moon to it.



These background pictures are reduced from their original size. If you wish to download one of them in its original size to work on, just click on the one you like and then right click and save to your own files.

How I Made The Moon

I started with the original background (above-left). I changed its color (above- center).

Then, I promoted it to a layer. Next, I added a new raster layer and flood filled it with white.

Move the white layer to the bottom. Now, working on the top layer

 (the background picture), choose the eraser tool.

 I used these settings:

Shape: round

Size:  66     Hardness: 62

Opacity: 66      Step:  25     Density: 100

Place the cursor in the center of the picture, or wherever you want your moon to be, and

click. If it is not bright enough, click it again. If you don't like it, undo it and start over.

What you have done is erase a hole in the background picture so that the white shows

 through. See the picture (above - right).

Now, go to layers and merge them together. Save it as your background with the moon and

then you can start painting with the tubes.


These are the tubes I used with this picture. If you would like to have them, just

click on the one you want and unzip it to your PSP tube files.

The Framed Finished Picture

As you can see, this has been reduced from its original size.

It is much better to reduce the size rather than enlarge it. Enlarging can

cause your picture to pixilate if you enlarge it too much.


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 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will see if I can help you out.

2009   Graphics By Ruth


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