These are some of the Awards I have Been honored to receive. I wish to thank each and every one of you that thought my site worthy of your Award.
Presented on:
Janurary 12, 2000
Presented on:
Janurary 13, 2000
Presented on:
Janurary 15, 2000
Received February 5, 2000
I am very honored to receive this special
award from Catt. She is one of the BEST!
Received February 14, 2000
Thanks again, Catt. Glad you like my poetry
Hey, Thanks Philo......Love it!
February 18, 2000
This was presented to me for helping out
with some of the graphics on
Kindness In Action
Presented On March 15, 2000
From Parrot World
Presented On March 25, 2000
From Tristen's World
Presented On March 25, 2000
From Tristen's World
This is something very special to me.
"I have chose to also bestow on your site, my Award of Honour. This award cannot be applied for!! It is the ultimate award, that recognizes your talent, spirituality, and amazing love of life and animals. This award has only been given out to one other site, beside yours. So be proud of your accomplishment."
Sincerely, Tristen
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