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I finally decided where to start with the graphics section of my Creations. While surfing here and there I came across the Cartoon Dolls, and like everyone else, I fell in love with them. So, here is my selection for you. I did not use the Palace to make them, I made them on my own, so I hope  you find some different ones here than you have seen before. Each of them is Linkware, so please, if you use any, remember where they came from and place a link back to me at
http://www.rae4401.com/RRhomepage.htmlIt will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ruth
Ruth's Cartoon Dolls
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I have tried to create something special for your enjoyment, hope you find one you like.
You may use this logo to link back,
I hope you like my dolls and will use them for your own pages.
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