This is a Family Safe site created with love. Inside you will find many things, something for everyone, I hope.
Things such as, My Family, My Birds, Poetry,
Page Sets, Snow Globes, Fun Stuff, Special Effect Pictures
Cartoon Dolls, Adoptions, And More.

I have an entire section of Tags that I've created. Ruth Ann's Tag Extras.
My passion has always been creating graphics.

Some of the pages here are very old ones, but I just couldn't part with them, even though
they are really outdate as far as graphic quality..  I was still trying to learn how to do a lot of things when I made them.

Due to the closing of Geocities free web space, I'm revamping this site a little, so if you've been here before, you may find some new things, some old things and probably a lot of
omitted things, but all in all ........

Please enjoy your visit.


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This is a gift straight from the North Pole!  Made by a special friend in my Angels group. It is from Etta who lives in North Pole, Alaska.

Thank you Etta!


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