Welcome to the world of Ruth's Revenge. I hope you find something that will tickle your fancy among these pages. I have tried to be versatile and include a variety of different things.  Everything you find here is family safe so even the kids can enjoy it. I try to add new things as time permits...and I never seem to have enough of that wonderful commodity....time.


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My Favorite Music

Some of my favorite Music. A collection of waves and MP3s. Mostly Oldies and Country music.



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My Poetry

Some of the poems I have written over the years
I hope you will enjoy them.


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Tippies Page
A story about my very special African Grey

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A Whole New Section .... MY TAG EXTRAS 

I am a "Tagger" , sig tags and others, and have been asked repeatedly where to find the tags I have created. Up until now the only place they have bee available is when I post them to one of the groups I am in. But, good news! I have now added them to my site in a whole new section.

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