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Hello... I would like to welcome you to my poetry pages. These are my poems, all original, written by me. It is my hope that you will enjoy them and pass some of them along to others.
Love and Hugs
My Gift To You
An Average Day
A Rose To Remember
A Well Seasoned Love
Six Senses Of Love
I Think I'm In A Rut
My Kingdom
Silent Sounds Of Life
Perplexity & The Guardian Angel
It Was Nothing
Mommy How Come
Building Walls & I Understand
August Has None
The Move
Wrinkle City, U.S.A.
IF ONLY . . . . A poem in chapters
Seasons and Sensations
Half and Half
Bits and Pieces
These are a few pages I especially love...some written by myself or people very close to my heart.
For My Best Friend
You Are Unique

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