Here are more of my Snow Globe creations.  I hope you enjoy these also.  This page was first posted in March, 2000.  It is my wish to share my work with others, so please feel free to use any of these globes on your personal pages.

My only requirement is that you link back to me using the logo below. Thanks.
Sure hope you
are enjoying
all my pretties!
And here are three different versions of the same egg globe.
You decide which one you like best!
I hope you enjoy my globes and use some of them on your site. Just remember to link back to me. It would be most appreciated.  I would also get a kick out of seeing what you do with them.  So, send me an e-mail and let me know.  Thanks, Ruth
Snow Globes One ~ Snow Globes Two ~ Snow Globe Four ~Snow Globes Five
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